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For more information on biracial children born to white British women and African American soldiers, read Professor Lucy Bland’s insightful, compassionate book: “Britain’s ‘Brown Babies.’" 

Manchester University Press...

"Professor Bland’s book provides an in-depth and compassionate exploration of the challenges that faced biracial children in Britain during and after World War II.


From Manchester University Press…
“This book recounts a little-known history of the estimated 2,000 babies born to black GIs and white British women in the second world war. The African-American press named these children ‘brown babies‘; the British called them ‘half-castes‘. Black GIs, in this segregated army, were forbidden to marry their white girl-friends. Nearly half of the children were given up to children’s homes but few were adopted, thought ‘too hard to place’. There has been minimal study of these children and the difficulties they faced, such as racism in a (then) very white Britain, lack of family or a clear identity. The book will present the stories of over fifty of these children, their stories contextualised in terms of government policy and attitudes of the time. Accessibly written, with stories both heart-breaking and uplifting, the book is illustrated throughout with photographs.”

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