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Memoir front and back covers 4.1_edited.
"Fudge" The Downs and Ups of a Biracial, Half-Irish British War Baby

In her memoir, Pauline Nevins, the offspring of a white Irish woman and an unknown African American soldier, chronicles the downs and ups of a mixed-race child growing up in an all-white family in predominantly white Great Britain.

The author shares the challenges she fought growing up conflicted by her racial identity, struggling to thrive within an emotionally abusive household, and yearning for a father she never knew.


5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon: Buy This Book!

What an inspiring tale of a young girl who, through her own strength and determination, overcame a tough childhood in post WWII England. I couldn't put it down. 

Tracie Cone


After decades of searching for her American father, Pauline resigns herself to never even knowing his name.  Several years after publishing her memoir an ancestry connection results in an emotional discovery. The author has added a new chapter describing this event. For those readers who purchased an earlier version of the memoir,  click the PDF button to read ,"The Rest of the Story." 

 Bonkers for Conkers

​This collection of true stories, published as columns in the newspapers, The Auburn Journal and The Union, delights the reader with tales of  Pauline’s  unconventional Irish mother, her working-class British hometown, her reluctant European travels and her life in California’s bucolic foothills.


5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon: Funny and Heartfelt Short Stories

Another book by Pauline that I loved. The short stories of her life in England and beyond had me laughing as I read through some of her experiences. There were other times when I felt anger at the inability of some people to understand how their actions can hurt others. Any time an author is able to engage the reader to this extent, they are successful, in my book! …Another engaging read!

Kathy  Norrell


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