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Grandson introduces Grandma to gaming

Pauline Nevins  June 13, 2019 - Auburn Journal


After almost 50 years in California, I made my first trip to Catalina Island a week ago. I recommend it.

My husband, Jim, and I flew to Long Beach and rendezvoused at the dock with our grandson and his girlfriend. They drove from Sacramento, stopping at UC Santa Barbara to tour the campus in preparation for our grandson’s attendance in the fall.

There was a time when our grandson’s social life was non-existent, and graduation from high school was hanging by a flimsy thread — for a variety of complex reasons. I blamed video games.

The lead-up to my gaming education began at my daughter’s house. Our grandson, 17 at the time, sauntered into the living room wearing a robe. It was three o’clock in the afternoon.

“Did you just get up?” I asked. I’m sure my eyes narrowed. He responded with a slow smile, followed by a yawn. “I was playing video games ‘till about 5 in the morning. Video games are fun grandma; you should play sometime."

“They’re so violent; I wouldn’t be able to stand it.”
“They’re not all violent. Come over sometime, and I'll show you."
“OK, you’re on,” I heard myself saying. 

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