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Facing fears and drawing the line anyway

Pauline Nevins Mar 17, 2019 - Auburn Journal


I finally did it — something I’d wanted to do for years. I signed up for a drawing class. 

This isn’t the first time I’ve had the courage to try something new. A few years ago I decided to learn tap dancing. I purchased a pair of shiny Boch tap shoes and sped up the hill one Tuesday evening to the Colfax Sierra Vista Community Center for my first class. 

I was the oldest person in the room. The instructor was very welcoming, as were the other students. I hid in the back row. I was beginning to get the hang of it, but my Achilles’ heel was having none of it. I lasted four sessions. 

I now had time to learn a musical instrument. What could be an easier instrument to play than a ukulele? According to YouTube, I could learn in five minutes. My tennis elbow flared up after four.

I had failed as a dancer, and as a musician. I was ready to become an artist.

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