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What's A Podcast?

Pauline Nevins  July 17, 2021 - Auburn Journal


The question came from my husband, a man who proudly carries a flip phone.

Jim was responding to my request that he adjourn to his basement man cave during my podcast interview with Doug Devaney, the British producer-presenter of the “The Plastic Podcasts” – a series of interviews with members of the Irish diaspora.


Podcasts, I explained to Jim, are audio broadcasts available to stream over the internet, or download onto computers, phones or tablets to enjoy at a listener’s convenience. Remember a few years ago, I said to Jim, when you pressed your nose against the front window wondering why I was sitting in my car in the driveway. Or the time I tripped over your legs rushing to turn on the radio so I could hear the end of a public radio interview by Terry Gross? Now with NPR’s podcasts, I can listen to Terry’s episodes on my iPad, anytime.


When Doug contacted me about being interviewed, I checked him out on the internet. First stop was his podcast I listened to several of the interviews and was flattered he invited me to join this cadre of accomplished artists.

Doug’s a talent in his own right. He’s appeared in award-winning radio programs, is a writer, playwright, actor, TV and radio personality.

I also learned that during a local arts festival a few years ago, Doug appeared in a one-man show that became an international news story. I asked him about this. He laughed. The show, “Mein Gutt,” was a comedy about a man battling obesity. Organizers of the festival insisted he alert audiences that a prop chicken would make an appearance. He could offend the vegetarians. A newspaper quoted Doug’s response: “I’ve heard of strobe lighting or nudity being cause for audience concern but never roasted chicken.”

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